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Schedule* and Map

2024 Annual Showcase & Conference

*Schedule is subject to change

Color code key:

For presenters - these events are primarily for presenters or they are not important for artists to attend

For artists/agents - artists and agents are strongly encouraged to attend these events in order to get the most out of this conference!

For all attendees - important for all attendees!

Friday, October 11
All Friday events take place in the Convention Center

3:00 PM - Registration and check-in

4:00 PM - Opening reception / silent auction starts

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4:30 PM - Presenter Roll-Call

5:00 PM - Artist opening meeting / orientation

5:00 PM - Workshop 1 (Topic TBA)

5:45 PM - Workshop 2 (Topic TBA)

6:45 PM - "Five for five": artist and agent 5-minute pitch sessions

7:15 PM - Turn The Tables

8:00 PM - Dinner (advanced purchase required for dinner)

8:30 PM - Updates and welcome from the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF) and the Montana Arts Council

Saturday, October 12

8:00 AM - Registration and check-in, Convention Center

8:00 AM - Morning Hospitality, Convention Center

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9:00 AM - Showcase I, Mansfield Theater

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10:45 AM - Resource Room, Convention Center

11:45 AM - Lunch, Convention Center

12:30 PM - Showcase II, Mansfield Theater

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2:15 PM - Resource Room, Convention Center

3:30 PM - Showcase III, Mansfield Theater

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5:00 PM - Resource Room, Convention Center

6:15 PM - Strike Resource Room, Convention Center

6:30 PM - Dinner, Convention Center

7:30 PM - Presenter interest form due, Registration Table

7:30 PM - Artist closing meeting, surveys due, badge raffle, location TBA

PLEASE NOTE: There will be only 1 block-booking meeting scheduled on Saturday morning.

8:30 PM - Jam Session, Celtic Cowboy Pub & Restaurant

Sunday, October 13

All Sunday events take place at the Dark Horse Hall & Wine Snug (Hotel Arvon)

8:15 AM - Early morning coffee

9:00 AM - Block-booking meeting / Member meeting

Sunday meeting space donated by the Dark Horse Hall & Wine Snug

10:30 AM - Joint closing session: peanut gallery (pokes & strokes), surveys due, badge raffle

11:15 AM - MPAC board meeting

Venue Information

Mansfield Center for the Performing Arts

2 Park Dr S, Great Falls, MT 59401


Showcase Performances

Mansfield Theater

2 Park Dr S, Great Falls

Click here for Theater layout

Parking Lot Map


Resource Room & Conference Events (Friday/Saturday)

Convention Center (ground level, west of Theater)

2 Park Dr S, Great Falls

Click here for Convention Center layout

Parking Lot Map


Jam Session

Celtic Cowboy Pub & Restaurant at Hotel Arvon

116 1st Ave S, Great Falls

Sunday Meetings

Dark Horse Lounge (Hotel Arvon)

118 1st Ave S, Great Falls

The Montana Performing Arts Consortium annual artist showcase and conference relies on grant support from Montana’s Cultural Trust, the Montana Arts Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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