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Presenter Development Application

For NEW applicants

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Communities Impacted

For organizations with larger budgets for annual artist fees, MPAC will give consideration to those that show a significant impact on rural communities (e.g., serving a large geographic area, expanded outreach, etc.). Please answer the following thoroughly.


Application Narrative







Enter information for all marketing tools and resources you utilize for your organization series.

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This question is optional. Answers will be used to help MPAC develop programs and resources for member presenting organizaitons.

FY25 Season Information

Artists & Fees

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Artist contracts or letters of intent for supported events in this application

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FY24 & FY23 Season Information

  1. Download the FY24 FY23 Season Information template (Excel file) using the button above

  2. Open the Excel file and fill it out. 

  3. Save as an Excel file (do not save as PDF)

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