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Yasu Ishida


Family/Young Audience
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Storytelling/Magic (Cultural)

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United States


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Be prepared to be amazed and dazzled by Story Circus, an exciting storytelling show where stories meet the circus! Can you imagine what Storygami, a large scale origami fold into different shapes as a story unfolds, and Storytelling with magic tricks, will look like? Stories will come together in visual ways, inviting the audience’s interaction, and providing lots of fun. Combining theatre, music, origami, magic, and storytelling, Yasu will guide audiences to the Story Circus. He will share excerpts from Western & Eastern folktales with large scale origami and magic tricks, perform Japanese traditional vaudeville acts with playing of a traditional flute and a bamboo matt changing its shape. Yasu’s shows include stories that he performs with lots of audience interaction and participation.

Other Offerings

Residencies,Workshops,Master Classes,School Programming,Christmas Shows,Lectures/Speakers

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Community Educational Outreach

As an award winning teaching artist, Yasu has been teaching
internationally from at colleges, schools, art centers to circus camps. Yasu offers hands-on workshops on origami. He teaches action origami that jumps, flips and flies.

Yasu can also offer workshop/ lecture in Rakugo, one of the most popular Japanese traditional theatre from more than 300 years ago. Through his presentation, he will cover the history of Japanese traditional theatre forms and conventions. And audiences get to try out Rakugo as workshop at the end of the presentation.

His lectures/presentations were featured in various national & international conferences, including the Kidabra international, the KAX, and the National Storytelling Network.

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Promotion Publicity

Yasu would help in every way he can. In the past, he has done television & radio interviews, featured articles on newspaper to promote the shows he was performing or directing. He has a website with lots of videos and photos. He would be happy to spread words on his Facebook business page and his youtube channel. During COVID time, he has done more than 250 virtual shows, so he can shoot, edit and stream live a promo video, if it is needed.

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Yasu is available year round, but he has more opening months during winter/spring, from December to March usually.

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Yasufumi Ishida


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Origami Air LLC



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2568 Kendall Road

Shaker Heights



United States

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