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Jessica Loobey


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Classic rock

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United States


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Our show is full of energy and everyone's favorite country! - plus a few of those audience pleasing, sing along rock tunes! Jessica Loobey is an independent country artist with a sassy and classy style. Jessica's set lists include new and classic country radio hits, as well as original songs from her debut album Three Chords and the Truth. Her band consists of four other members beside herself. Amongst the five musicians, they carry a plethera of instruments aside from the basics- including the beloved steel guitar, stand up bass and Dobro. Jessica's style is inspired by the punchy attitudes of big stars such as Miranda Lambert, Shania Twain, and Terri Clark. She loves to keep the energy up, so her song choices are mostly high energy and dance tunes. Some examples to compliment her originals are: Little White Church, Mama's Broken Heart, Bye Bye, and of course Heads Carolina! It is also very important to Jessica to make a connection and interact with the crowd during her performance.

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Community Educational Outreach

As an independant artist from a rural community, it is most important to me to connect with my fans and community. After all, they are the most reason for my success this far. I have found that the most affective way of reaching them is by offering myself and my band for events that better the community. We do our best to donate at least 1-2 benefit shows a year, as well as always participate in events such as downtown summer nights that are family friendly. In the past I have also taught guitar lessons at the local arts center for the youth.

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Promotion Publicity

I absolutely love the media portion of my job! Making artwork for posters, social media, website design, etc is one of my favorite things to do. I am very passionate about self-promotion. I believe that doing as much advertising for oneself as possible makes a big difference in the success of a show, and that is not always up to the venue. Currently, I have a great social media. I will always be willing to work with the venue to do any posts, interviews, or other media presence and on my own.

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$1,500 USD

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Aside from the months listed on the side, I would say our most available months are June, July, and September. However, we are not usually too busy doing the months of January and February, because the weather is so unpredictable for the South Dakota area, although I know that those are less sought after months because it tends to be the down time of the midwest region.

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Muse Artist Management



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12907 Bighorn Road




United States

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Shane Funk

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