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Resource Room Guidelines


  • Booth spaces are assigned

  • You may set up on Friday evening (time TBA). Do not leave valuables unattended.

  • Do not attach anything directly to the pipe and drape. We will have fish line handy for hanging materials if you need it. 

  • Please do not attach anything directly to the floor. Stand or easels are OK. 


Resource Room Sessions

  • Artists name badges have blue lanyards and presenter name badges have yellow lanyards.

    • MPAC Board Members have a tan ribbon attached to their name tag. Feel free to talk to them about any concerns, comments, or questions. 

  • Please remain in or near your booth during the scheduled Resource Room times. If you have a tech time scheduled during one of these times, you can leave a note displayed stating why you're not present. (It is bad form to strike and leave early and presenters make note of it.)

  • Please use headphones for audio/video materials as a courtesy to the other artists nearby. Playing audio over a speaker is not allowed.

  • Merchandise sales are not permitted at the conference sites. 

  • If you have demo materials you wish to keep, please mark clearly (e.g. "booth copy only" or "do not remove") so attendees do not mistake it for one of your give-away samples. If you have free items for distribution, you may give them to whomever you wish. Please note that you are not obligated to give anything to each member of a presenting organization and there may be several representative from one venue. 

  • Neither MPAC nor the Agricultural Center is responsible for any valuables left in your booth unattended. There will be someone watching the entry to check for badges on Saturday, but that is all. You assume all risk regarding loss or damage to your possessions at the conference.

  • Be ready to engage with other attendees but don't overdo it! You'll have ample opportunities to network so be mindful of when others are meeting in "business mode."
    • Give presenters a chance to approach you. Don't grab them as soon as they come down your aisle.​
    • Do not interrupt conversations between artists and presenters.
    • Take time to learn about the presenter—their community, audience, venue space, previous season line-ups, etc.
    • Have business cards ready to go and have a method for keeping track of contact information you get from presenters or other attendees.​
  • Take advantage of the expertise in the room. When time allows, meet other artists and agents. Learn and share what you can. ​

If you have any other questions or need something resolved, contact Emily Wolfram, executive director, during the conference: 406.284.5524,

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