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Juried Showcase Application

Now accepting showcase applications!

Application fee: $50.00
Early-bird deadline: March 30, 2024 (Save $10.00!)
Registration opens: April 1, 2024
Final deadline: April 26, 2024
Selection notification: mid-May

Performing artists of all genres and disciplines are encouraged to apply for a showcase performance.

A diversity of showcase offerings is an important priority for the jury panel and for the presenters who attend the conference. For the October 2023 conference, showcase applicants will also be considered for a 5-minute pitch session.

Drummer in Concert

Why showcase at MPAC?

The showcase events are important for artists who wish to reach presenters who do not attend large national or regional booking conferences.

Approximately 18 presenting organizations in Montana typically attend the MPAC conference and showcase. It is a great time for artists to meet presenters from throughout the state and build contacts vital to bookings.

Key Information for Showcases

  • Showcase performances are limited to twelve (12) minutes. There is a 5-minute set-change between acts.

  • Showcase artists will have a 30-minute tech/sound check scheduled prior to their showcase.

  • Showcase artists must register a booth or have an agent representative with a booth in the Resource Room.

MPAC is a partner of IWantToShowcase.CA. All artists interested in showcasing must submit their application and pay the application fee through this platform. Incomplete applications or unpaid applications will not be considered.

Logo with the words "I WANT TO SHOWCASE"
Graphic with several icons for an application platform

Need help with your application?

IWANTTOSHOWCASE.CA has created several video tutorials to help artists and agents navigate the application platform. See the links below for help. If you still have a question, contact us!

Showcase Provisions

Selected showcase artists will be featured in 12-minute showcase performances on stage in the Mansfield Theater at the Mansfield Center for Performing Arts. There will be a 5-minute break between acts for set changes. During the 5-minute break, the emcee will conduct a brief, informal interview with the artist who has just performed.


All showcase blocks will take place on Saturday, October 12, 2024

MPAC will provide the following to showcase artists


Notification: Showcase applicants for MPAC's October 2024 conference will be notified of results no later than May 15, 2024.


Sound: A full FOH and monitor sound system will be provided for showcasing artists. This will include FOH and monitor consoles with operators, monitor wedges, microphones, and cabling.


Lighting: A general static wash will be available. This will be preset and cannot be modified for showcases. If you have any special lighting needs such as black lights, blackouts, etc., please indicate these in your application.


Backline: A standard main stage backline package will be provided, including: an acoustic drum kit, electric piano, synthesizer, two guitar amplifiers, and a bass amplifier/cabinet. This equipment is provided as a convenience to the artists and to assist in keeping showcases running smoothly and on time.


Piano: A tuned 6’ or 9' grand piano will be available for use during showcases.


Video: Equipment for projected video or slideshow will be available. Showcasing artist must provide the media source.


Tech Time: Performers must be available on October 11 or October 12 to run a 30-minute tech/sound-check and review final needs with the technical staff, sound engineer, and stage manager. All showcasing artists will be notified in advance of their load-in/sound check schedule.

The MPAC Stage Manager and Sound Engineer will work closely with showcase artists to best meet their needs, but certain modifications may be necessary due to time constraints and production flow. Only technical staff provided by MPAC and the Mansfield Theater may operate equipment during the juried showcases, unless otherwise agreed upon in advance.

Other than professional sound, lighting, standard stage equipment, and concert grand piano, MPAC will not be financially responsible for, or supply any special equipment or instruments required by the showcase artist.

Showcase Criteria

Showcase applications are open to performers of all genres and types, from music (traditional, contemporary, classical, jazz, hip hop etc.), to dance, theatre, comedy, magic, and variety acts.

Showcase artists are selected by a panel comprised of presenters and artists (or an artist agent). Each applicant submits work samples in the form of video or audio files along with their promotional materials.


The panel chooses a varied selection of approximately 17 acts to showcase based on:

  • quality of performance

  • quality of promotional materials

  • marketability in Montana

  • fee range and outreach offerings


Application materials should reflect the configuration and program you plan to tour and showcases must reflect the performance to be toured. You should be comfortable and prepared to tour Montana during the fall, winter and spring months.


There are no restrictions regarding artists applying to the showcase every year, however, the performance material should be new. Some artists stagger the years they apply to showcase and purchase only booth registration during non-showcasing years.


MPAC's juried showcase is a highly sought-after opportunity and each year there are far more qualified applicants than the showcase slots available. Artists not selected to showcase may be asked to serve as alternates in the event they have the opportunity to step in to showcase on short notice.


NEW THIS YEAR: Artists who are not selected to showcase may be considered for 5-minute pitch session event.

Terms & Conditions

Showcase applications for MPAC's October 2024 conference will be accepted until 11:55pm on April 26, 2024. Late applications will not be accepted, and incomplete applications will not be considered. All applicants must pay a non-refundable fee of $50 per application, which is required by credit card at time of submission or at the application deadline.


If selected, the following is required of showcase artists:

  • Be available to perform a 12-minute showcase on Saturday, October 12, 2024. Be available for a 30-minute tech time on either Friday, October 11, or Saturday, October 12. Showcase and tech times are assigned by conference management. Special requests will be considered but accommodation is not guaranteed.

  • Register for a Resource Room booth or have representation at a Resource Room booth at the conference by an agent or manager. Registration will be available in April 2024 and full details will be posted at as well as emailed to artists and their representatives. Booth registration is approximately $150.00-200.00 USD.

  • Complete and return the showcase contract and technical production form by the deadline indicated on the notification. Showcase applicants will receive notification of selection by May 15, 2024.


MPAC does not allow independent showcases at the annual conference.


MPAC reserves the right to use showcasing artists’ submitted images and content for the promotion of Montana Performing Arts Consortium and the annual conference.


This application does not represent a commitment by MPAC to provide a showcase.


The Montana Performing Arts Consortium assumes no responsibility for costs associated with showcasing, including travel and accommodations.


The $50 showcase application fee is not refundable.

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