Juried Showcase Application

The MPAC 2023 artist showcases will take place on Saturday, January 28, 2023. Artists interested in performing must complete the application process and pay the Juried Showcase Application fee ($50.) Applicants have the option to also complete the conference and booth registration at the same time or wait until MPAC's jury panel has selected the 2023 showcase performers. Conference and booth registration is due upon being selected as a 2023 showcasing artist.


There are 17 showcase time slots limited to 12 minutes each. In order to present the highest quality performers possible, all entries to the showcase will be juried. This process is typically completed in mid-November.

$50 - Juried Showcase Application Fee (non-refundable)
$150 - Artist Conference & Booth Registration
APPLICATION DUE DATE: November 11, 2022


Artists selected to showcase are required to complete conference booth registration or have an attending agent with conference booth registration.

Artists and agents not showcasing are also welcome to attend by registering for a booth in our resource room.

Booth registration includes conference registrations. Meals also available by separate purchase.