Montana Performing Arts Consortium exists to:
  • Promote and encourage the touring of the performing arts throughout Montana in a professional and cost-effective manner.
  • Provide support and technical assistance to performing arts presenters.
  • Foster a favorable climate for both artists and presenters in Montana.

Consistent with mission, Montana Performing Arts Consortium (MPAC) provides two important services to the field statewide: the annual artist showcase and conference and the rural Presenter Development assistance program. 


MPAC's annual conference proves cost-effective for both rural presenting organizations and performing artists. Each January, 18-20 Montana performing arts presenting organizations alternately gather in Great Falls or Fort Benton to meet with 18-25 artist companies and agents who represent additional artists. Participating presenting organizations filled all or most of their season series with artists they either saw in the showcase or found through the conference. Furthermore, it is rare for any of the volunteers to attend a similar out-of-state performing arts conference due to high travel cost and extra time required away from work. Consequently, MPAC provides a crucial link between rural Montana communities and professional performing artists. For Montana-resident artists, MPAC’s conference not only offers a chance to meet face-to-face with potential employers, but also an opportunity for professional development through peer-led workshops.


The Presenter Development Program assists rural non-profit organizations with fee support to bring professional performing artists to their communities for public performances and schools for residency activities. Locally, member organizations provide access to quality live performing artists in their communities. These communities include at least 29 rural Montana towns and associated school districts. Performing arts activities in current members’ service areas include public performances in a series format and community outreach activities. These outreach activities include school performances, public workshops, master classes, and/or lecture-demonstrations.