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Presenter Development

Program Participants:

Click here for A/B Forms, support acknowledgment, and agency logo downloads.

Guidelines and Application

The Montana Performing Arts Consortium (MPAC) Presenter Development program is an opportunity for small budget rural series presenters to receive artistic and residency fee support. Awards are designated for a specific fiscal year and set artists. This program supports a maximum of 20% of artist fees and/or 50% of artist residency fees. MPAC's Presenter Development program depends on state funds from a Montana Cultural Trust legislative grant and the Montana Arts Council. Awards range from a minimum of $300 to a maximum of $2,000. The average award is $900-$1,000.



  • Only performing arts presenting organizations located in a rural Montana town may apply.

  • Total artist fees paid during the current season must be less than $25,000.

  • Only a series that includes a minimum of one artist residency activity in addition to the public performance will be considered.


Activities Supported

  • Creating a new performing arts series in a community that does not have one.

  • Expanding an existing performing arts series by adding artistic diversity or culturally diverse artists.

  • Adding a residency activity designed to reach new audiences in or near the community.

Events that do not qualify for support: self-produced, amateur, student, or Community Theater.


Of Equal Priority

  • Presenters in communities where there is no performing arts series. E.g., organizations may occasionally present events, but did not organize or promote these events in a series format.

  • Presenters in a community with an existing series who plan to add events that increase artistic quality and/or reach new audiences. Within this category, MPAC gives priority to series programming that attempts to “stretch” audience aesthetic perceptions by booking artistically and/or culturally diverse artists, or scheduling residency activity designed to reach new audiences. E.g., Audiences may include, but are not limited to: diverse cultures, schools, non-arts community, business, or service organizations.


Required of All Presenter Development Recipients

  1. Present in series format defined as three (3) full-length performances professional performing arts events by three (3) different artists, for which admission is charged, that are promoted together and take place during a nine (9) month period.

  2. The series must include at least one (1) professional performing company or artist residing in the state of Montana.

  3. The series must contain at least one (1) residency activity in addition to that artist’s full-length public performance.

  4. Print a series brochure and sell a series ticket.

  5. File a final report with MPAC which includes an individual evaluation (Form A) for each performance series event and one final series financial report (Form B), by June 30, 2020, receipt date.

  6. Including the following credit line in all printed materials a contractual obligation:


“This event made possible in part by the Montana Performing Arts Consortium Presenter Development Program which is supported by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, Montana Arts Council, and Montana’s Cultural Trust.”


PLEASE NOTE: Recipient organizations that do not include this line in their printed materials will not receive the second half of their award.

Other Items

Presenters are strongly urged, but not required, to attend MPAC’s annual showcase and conference. Click here for more information.



Applic​ations for FY23/24 will be made available in Spring 2023.


Contact Emily Wolfram, Executive Director:


The review panel consists of a member of the Montana Arts Council staff and a large budget presenter. The panel will meets to review applications during late summer and a summary of panel comments will be available upon request. E-mail notification of awards will be sent to applicants shortly following the review panel meeting.

FY23/24 application coming soon
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